Never a Dull Moment With Lilies that Change Color

Royal Van Zanten is an innovative company with a successful track record. Examples as: Tourega – the only odorless Oriental Lily, double-flowered Lilies, pollen-free Lilies and of course the Rapid Lily Line-up *. To complete this list, Royal Van Zanten introduces now Lilies that slowly change colour.

3 unique lilies, with 1 thing in common
The Lily is a pleasure to look at, every day something new happens. From the coloring of the flower buds. Slowly opening of the first flower, which is the starting signal for the other flower buds.

With proper care, the Lily can be enjoyed for a long time. Now this applies to all Lilies. What’s new is, are Lilies that change color. At present, Royal Van Zanten has 3 colour-changing Lilies. With the following names: Cameleon, Touch Me and Lipgloss.

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