Royal Van Zanten joins ThinkPlants Perennial Breeder Network USA

March 30, 2022 Royal Van Zanten

The ThinkPlants™ Group, which strives to bring and represent exceptional genetics as well as promote a high quality and steady supply chain for the North American nursery industry, is announcing a new member. Royal Van Zanten has now joined its network of breeders, growers, and suppliers. This new addition to the ThinkPlants family continues to expand the growing portfolio of genetics and broaden the reach ThinkPlants and its suppliers and customers have in the North American Market.

Royal Van Zanten and KeyGene Start Partnership to Accelerate the Breeding of Ornamental Crops

March 11, 2022 Royal Van Zanten

Breeder of ornamental crops Royal Van Zanten, and plant research company KeyGene have agreed upon a multiyear partnership in research and development. The partnership will enable Royal Van Zanten, a leading company in pot plants, cut flowers and flower bulbs, to accelerate the development of market focused varieties in its ornamental crops and strengthen its team of passionate breeders and scientists.

Royal Van Zanten and The Queen’s Flowers introduce Astronova

February 10, 2022 Royal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten and Queen’s Flowers, two of the world leaders in floriculture, have joined forces to create a brand new flower. Conceived around the shared principles of innovation and increased value at retail, the Astronova® is a flower with a unique look and an above average vase life.

Cruella Makes Her Debut at Royal Van Zanten

October 19, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

Breeder Royal Van Zanten and Decorum grower Arcadia proudly introduce this unique disbud Chrysanthemum as of week 40, 2021. Arcadia, a Chrysanthemum grower who has earned their stripes through the years, stands for quality. Their eye for quality and specialism in cultivation and marketing, makes Arcadia a valuable member of Decorum. With the addition of Cruella, Arcadia makes their extensive range of year-round disbudded Chrysanthemums even more complete.

Charmelia Has a Cause for Celebration -Royal Van Zanten

October 6, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

With its fabulous, enchanting looks, richly flowering stems and exceptional vase life, Charmelia has won many hearts in recent years. Thanks to its unique properties, Charmelia has not only caused a furore, but has now become a household name in the entire ornamental horticulture chain. Charmelia: you can’t do without it.