Garden Centers and Retail Can Create Their Own Poster With Royal Van Zanten’s Poster Generator

The inspiration platform What’s b(l)ooming today from Royal Van Zanten has been extended to include a poster generator for garden centres and retail. Via the inspiration pages, these retail outlets can create their own plant posters for in their store or for on the trolleys.

This new feature of the inspiration platform What’s b(l)ooming today was showcased during the 2023 FlowerTrials. Garden centres can include their own bar code, retail price and company logo on the posters. By adding a personal bar code, repeat orders with the grower can be made quickly and directly by the retailer in the store. Another major benefit is that the posters feature attractive images highlighting consumer benefits in as many as 8 different languages.

The poster is generated directly, meaning the user doesn’t receive it via e-mail. A PDF is downloaded straight away. The user has a choice betweenA3 or A4 size, with or without cutting edges. This is useful for supplying directly to a printing company or possibly for printing off your own copies.

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