Barry Callebaut Introduces Dairy-Free Compound to Satisfy the Growing Demand for Plant-Based Solutions

November 3, 2021 The Barry Callebaut Group

Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, announced today the launch of its latest new dairy-free and plant-based solution, Dairy-Free Compounds under its namesake brand. This new chocolate product innovation joins Barry Callebaut’s North American existing Plantcraft range of dairy-free chocolates, nuts, cocoa powders, and cacaofruit experience ingredients.

Barry Callebaut to Unravel a Monumental Cacaofruit Breakthrough During Treat Tomorrow Live

October 7, 2021 Barry Callebaut

We collaborate with customers and experts from across the globe to share knowledge and insights to elicit positive change in the years to come. As of October 26, Treat Tomorrow offers all new episodes and a whole new mini-series that is dedicated to food with health benefits, a monumental breakthrough in cacaofruit history. From now, registration for Treat Tomorrow Live on October 26, 2021 is open!

Cacao Barry Enchants the Artisan World with WholeFruit Chocolate

June 7, 2021 Barry Callebaut

Almost two years after unleashing the power of the cacaofruit with the unveiling of WholeFruit chocolate, a revolutionary new type of chocolate, our global brand Cacao Barry launches a WholeFruit chocolate that enchants artisans across the globe.