Barry Callebaut to Unravel a Monumental Cacaofruit Breakthrough During Treat Tomorrow Live

We collaborate with customers and experts from across the globe to share knowledge and insights to elicit positive change in the years to come. As of October 26, Treat Tomorrow offers all new episodes and a whole new mini-series that is dedicated to food with health benefits, a monumental breakthrough in cacaofruit history. From now, registration for Treat Tomorrow Live on October 26, 2021 is open!

On October 26Treat Tomorrow Live, a ‘Glocal Customer Gathering’ will take place with all new mini-series and all new episodes. The gathering is part of our journey to shape chocolate indulgence for the decade to come in collaboration with customers and experts.  

During Treat Tomorrow Live three mini-series take the stage with topics plant-craft in mini-series The Garden Party, next-gen indulgence in Gen Zest for Life, and food with health benefits in a whole new mini-series Nurturing my Nature. 

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