Barry Callebaut Continues to Lead in Corporate Action and Transparency on Deforestation and Climate Change

December 16, 2022 Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut has been recognized for leadership in corporate transparency and performance on forests by the global environmental non-profit organization, CDP, securing for the second time a place on its annual ‘A List’. Based on data reported through CDP’s 2022 Forests questionnaire, Barry Callebaut is one of the 25 high-performing companies that achieved an ‘A’ rating – out of nearly 15,000 companies scored. In addition, we received for the fifth consecutive year an ‘A-’ rating for our carbon reduction efforts. 

Fresh Del Monte’s Sustainability Programs Deliver Strong Close to the Year, Receiving High-level Scores by CDP and Winning the Environmental Initiatives Award in the 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards

December 31, 2021 Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc

The company scored an A- in the water security category and B in the climate change and forest categories for its sustainability initiatives by the CDP, an international nonprofit organization that helps companies and cities report their environmental impact.

Barry Callebaut Leading In Corporate Action and Transparency On Deforestation

December 24, 2021 Barry Callebaut

Out of nearly 12,000 companies which were scored by CDP in 2021, Barry Callebaut is one of 24 high-performing companies, securing a place on CDP’s prestigious ‘A List’. After ranking for four years in a row as a CDP global climate leader with a score of A- for our climate reduction efforts, we are now for the first time, making the ‘A List’ as a leader in corporate action and transparency on deforestation.