Barry Callebaut Continues to Lead in Corporate Action and Transparency on Deforestation and Climate Change

Barry Callebaut has been recognized for leadership in corporate transparency and performance on forests by the global environmental non-profit organization, CDP, securing for the second time a place on its annual ‘A List’. Based on data reported through CDP’s 2022 Forests questionnaire, Barry Callebaut is one of the 25 high-performing companies that achieved an ‘A’ rating – out of nearly 15,000 companies scored. In addition, we received for the fifth consecutive year an ‘A-’ rating for our carbon reduction efforts. CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely acknowledged as the gold standard for corporate environmental transparency and action.

This news follows Barry Callebaut’s award by CDP as a Supplier Engagement Leader, announced in February 2022. The award is a testimony of our work with suppliers to achieve our science-based targets, tackle climate change and become carbon and forest positive.

 Being part of CDP’s ‘Forests A List’ for the second consecutive year is a remarkable recognition of the work we do under Forever Chocolate, our strategy to make sustainable chocolate the norm. Not only have we made significant progress on traceability, deforestation risk management and monitoring of our supply chains. We are also developing an emissions reduction program that is innovative, ambitious, science-based and sets new standards. This rating by the CDP is a testament to our team’s leadership in this space, one that makes us proud and encourages us to double down on our efforts. 

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