Charmelia Has a Cause for Celebration -Royal Van Zanten

October 6, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

With its fabulous, enchanting looks, richly flowering stems and exceptional vase life, Charmelia has won many hearts in recent years. Thanks to its unique properties, Charmelia has not only caused a furore, but has now become a household name in the entire ornamental horticulture chain. Charmelia: you can’t do without it.

American Florists Can Now Order Charmelia from Royal Van Zanten eCommerce

August 23, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

Elegant, feminine and just a little bit different. Charmelia® has it all! She’s absolutely stunning and covered with flowers. Charmelia® is known not only for its enchanting beauty but also for its exceptionally long vase life of up to 21 days. This really is a unique cut flower, and you can now place your order at our eCommerce – and get it straight from the nursery!

New: Charmelia Yellow – Yellow Makes You Happy!

June 29, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

The Charmelia® series is being expanded again. In week 25, Royal van Zanten and Decorum grower Together2Grow will introduce a yellow variety: Charmelia® Yellow. It brings real joy!

Charmelia: 95% Organically Grown

December 4, 2019 FleuraMetz

Thanks to the long vase-life, this charming flower is just perfect for bouquets and floral design. Did you know that its production process is extremely intriguing?

Charmelia, The Flower-to-Be For All Your Wedding Floristry

July 24, 2019 Royal Van Zanten

When you think of flowers, they should be lush, elegant, feminine, natural-looking and just a little unconventional. Charmelia has it all.