Protecting Biodiversity, Chiquita Celebrates 15th Year of Nogal

As part of Chiquita’s commitment to being a ‘Good Neighbor’ in the communities in which it cultivates its tasty bananas, the brand is proud to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Nogal Nature and Community Reserve.

Chiquita Creates Culinary Getaway for World Day for Cultural Diversity

Chiquita, the world’s leading banana company, is celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity on May 21 and honoring its diverse workforce and fanbase by sharing banana-centric recipes from around the world.

Chiquita Shares A-Peeling Meal Plan and Recipes for Families

Recognizing that it can be tasking to find three meals a day for the week that are easy to make and taste great, Chiquita hopes to minimize the challenge of planning by sharing its banana-centric recipe inspiration.

Chiquita Spreads Joy with Musical Banana Sticker Series

April 28, 2020 Chiquita

Nearly eight decades after the release of the iconic Chiquita jingle, the leading banana company has joined forces with popular streaming platform, Spotify. The partnership brings the joy of music to fans through an interactive Blue Sticker series.

Chiquita Teams Up with Fitness Expert Frankie Ruiz to Encourage Fans to Get Active at Home

In pursuit of its mission to highlight the fun side of healthy living, Chiquita is joining forces with Miami Marathon Co-Founder and Nike Run Club Coach, Frankie Ruiz, to create easy-to-follow fitness routines for people of all ages to try from the comfort of their own homes.