Summer Citrus Varieties Available for Bee Sweet Citrus Customers

July 22, 2021 Bee Sweet Citrus

With a steady supply of both domestic and off-shore product, Bee Sweet Citrus is prepared to meet summer demand for fresh citrus varieties.

Summer Citrus from DiSilva Fruit

July 16, 2021 DiSilva Fruit

DiSilva Fruit’s summer citrus season runs from July through October. Offerings will include Navels and Cara-Cara Navels from South African and Chile, Mandarins from Peru, South African and Chile, and Lemons from Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

Summer Citrus From South Africa Attributes 2021 Season Success Due to Key Partners

Entering Week 27, Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) announces a successful 2021 program serving the domestic market due largely to its long-term, strategic partnerships.

LGS Specialty Sales Partners With Brighter Bites to Offer Families a “Brighter Summer”

June 8, 2021 LGS Specialty Sales

LGS Specialty Sales, a leading importer of citrus, avocados, grapes, and persimmons, partners with Brighter Bites to launch the “Brighter Summer” promotion.

Jac. Vandenberg Eyes a Bright Summer Citrus Season

May 18, 2021 Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.

Tarrytown, NY-based importer, Jac. Vandenberg has high expectations for the 2021 summer citrus season as it begins receiving its first citrus containers of the season from the southern hemisphere.