When Life Gives You Sour Lemons, Use Genetics to Find Out Why

A team of researchers, including two from the University of California, Riverside, has identified the genes responsible for the hallmark sour taste of many citrus fruits. Published Tuesday, Feb. 25 in Nature Communications, the research could help plant breeders develop new, sweeter varieties.

The Panhandle May be the Next Citrus-Growing Region

December 26, 2018 Jack Payne, News Bulletin

Citrus just isn’t grown that much in North Florida. In fact, it’s also grown less and less in its traditional strongholds in central and south Florida as a deadly disease takes its toll on groves.

Gift Baskets of Florida Oranges Rebound After Sour Year

“This is our busiest time of year, by far,” said Martin, executive vice president of Florida Gift Fruit Shippers Association, which sends out the neatly assembled boxes of fruits for its 36 grower-packer members from its facility near Kirkman Road and Colonial Drive. “There’s long been an appeal — and a tradition — with giving fruit for Christmas,” she said. “You’re sitting in the snow, and what’s better than getting a taste of Florida?”

Florida Citrus Hanging on Through Difficult Times

December 24, 2018 Kevin Bouffard, The Ledger

To University of Florida economist Christa Court, the state’s signature agriculture industry was pretty stable over the three years bookended by the 2014-15 and 2016-17 seasons, at least in terms of its economic impact in Florida.

Morning Kiss Organic Promotes Over 10 Varieties of Organic Citrus for Peak Season

December 18, 2018 Morning Kiss Organic

Excitement for the citrus season is growing, and Morning Kiss Organic is prepared with a wide variety of consumer formats and price points. The company’s program offerings will satisfy rising consumer demand for organic, and will provide promotional volume and advertising opportunities.