Summer Citrus From South Africa Hosts Successful Summer Promotion

During its 21st consecutive citrus season, Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) hosted a successful consumer promotion elevating the superior South African fruit during peak season.

Kay Hiatt, “Legend” and “Pioneer” of the Citrus Industry

July 28, 2020 Perishable News

“Kay wasn’t just a pioneer in our industry, she was a legend,” said Dan Ritchey, CEO of Riverfront Packing Co.“With grace and class, she commanded respect in an industry dominated by men. She may have been the only woman in the citrus industry to wield such influence for the first 20 years of her career.”

Duda Farm Fresh Foods Brings Imported Citrus to the U.S. for the 18th Season

July 16, 2020 Duda Farm Fresh Foods

Just in time for the summer season, Duda Farm Fresh Foods launches its 18th consecutive import citrus program. Now through October, Duda Farm Fresh Foods will import citrus to the U.S. from the southern hemisphere with guaranteed optimal quality, flavor and volume.

Fruit World Co. Announces Flavor-Packed Organic and Conventional Citrus in Promotable Volumes as Citrus Season Begins

September 30, 2019 Fruit World Co.

Fruit World Co., a family-owned, flavor-focused grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit, has announced their 2019 citrus season will see a full lineup of citrus fruits in promotable volumes. This includes organic and conventional mandarins, both of which have full-season longevity and availability.

Citrus Varieties Available for New School Season

August 28, 2019 Bee Sweet Citrus

As many families settle into the 2019/2020 school year, children and parents alike are adapting to food habits and meal plans that accommodate long days and busy schedules. Fortunately, the Bee Sweet Citrus sales team reports availability of tasty, nutritious citrus varieties that are perfect for the home, school or office.