How Digital Payments Contribute to Sustainable Cocoa Farming

February 3, 2023 Barry Callebaut

Over the past year, thousands more cocoa farmers within Barry Callebaut’s global supply chain have begun to receive digital cash payments for their beans. Cocoa beans that are part of certified or verified cocoa programs such as Rainforest Alliance or Cocoa Horizons generate additional premiums, and these are now paid digitally to farmers.

Fairtrade America Launches “It’s Only Fair” Campaign Asking How Long Americans Would Work For Just $1 to Raise Awareness of the Unfair Price Cocoa Farmers Earn for Their Beloved Crop

July 7, 2022 Fairtrade America

Timed with July 7 World Chocolate Day, Fairtrade America, the world’s most recognized label for social justice and sustainability, has launched a national campaign to generate broader awareness of the unjust price that farmers receive to produce the goods that we rely on everyday, including cocoa. The “It’s Only Fair,” campaign features three videos connecting shoppers in the U.S. to smallholder cocoa farmers in West Africa and the dire issues farmers are facing around the world by disrupting people’s routines with the simple question, “How long would you work for $1?”

Barry Callebaut Establishes Farm of the Future to Power Cocoa Farming Research and Innovation

Ecuador is a country with a deep knowledge of agricultural production, rooted in crops as diverse as coffee, bananas, and shrimps. In the world of chocolate, it is the world’s third-largest cocoa producer and one of the fastest-growing cocoa origins, as well as the largest global producer of fine flavor cocoa. Combined with our long-established expertise in innovation and sustainability, Ecuador is the perfect match for Barry Callebaut to build a dedicated hub to power cocoa farming research to support cocoa farming resilience and productivity.

Fairtrade Launches Global ‘Bitter Sweet’ Campaign to Unwrap a Fairer Future for Cocoa Farmers

Fairtrade has unveiled a new global campaign, Bitter Sweet, featuring a stop-motion animation, “Unwrap a Fairer Future,” that literally unwraps the bitter truth behind unethical cocoa sourcing practices by some major chocolate manufacturers. From July 1-7, 2021, this global campaign will reach people in 22 countries leading up to the film’s global debut across Fairtrade’s owned social channels on World Chocolate Day, July 7, 2021.

Barry Callebaut and Deloitte Collaborate to Accelerate Support for Cocoa Farming Communities in Indonesia

February 9, 2021 Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products and Deloitte, a leading global provider of professional services, jointly announced today a multi-year strategic collaboration to deliver educational and skills development programs to empower over 30,000 cocoa farmers in Sulawesi and Sumatra to permanently lift them out of poverty.