Comté Renews Sponsorship Fund for Certified Cheese Professional Exam Candidates to Attend American Cheese Society Conference

February 8, 2023 Comté Cheese Association

“The Comté Cheese Association, which represents the Comté PDO in the U.S., is proud to announce the renewal of their three-year sponsorship of The Comté Association Conference Fund. Administered by the American Cheese Education (ACE) Foundation, The Comté Association Conference Fund will be open to all applicants who have been accepted to take the Certified Cheese Professional® (CCP) exam and seek to attend the American Cheese Society’s annual conference.

Cheeses of Europe Explores the Appeal of Warm Cheese Dishes for Cold Weather

November 13, 2020 Cheeses of Europe

Charles Duque, Managing Director of the French Dairy Board says, “Cheeses like Raclette and Comté are particularly popular in the winter because of how delicious they are when melted.”