Industries from Cars to Coal to Ice Cream Could be Impacted by Baltimore Bridge Collapse

ASR Group, whose companies include Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar, told BI in an emailed statement they do not expect any short-term impacts to their operations in Baltimore.

Cargill, United Among Sugar Companies Sued for Alleged Price-Fixing Conspiracy

The lawsuits — brought by Great Harvest Bread in Duluth, Morelos Bakery in St. Paul and a Connecticut restaurant group — also named Cargill, Domino Sugar and Michigan Sugar among the defendants.

Domino Sugar Expands Golden Sugar Footprint Across Midwest

August 23, 2023 Domino Sugar

Domino® Sugar – the brand crafted by experts announces its expansion of Domino® Golden Sugar, a less processed option than white granulated sugar, throughout the Midwest. After a positive consumer response to its 2019 launch in the Northeast and word surfacing in new territories, the brand sought to ensure that even more households could experience an option that delivers the same high-quality sugar without compromising taste or performance.