Leadership Grants for Eat Seafood America! Initiative Will Help Scale the Public Health Program for Greater Impact

The Eat Seafood America! (ESA!) initiative received three new leadership grants to support a comprehensive push to improve public health, sustainability efforts, and the seafood workforce. The most recent grants include support from Builders Initiative, H-E-B, and the Rich Family Foundation. 

Seafood Nutrition Partnership Announces Significant Results From Pilot Eat Seafood America! Campaign

Remarkable results from a fall Eat Seafood America! (ESA!) pilot campaign showed for every $1 spent on ads driving consumers to buy seafood at retail there was a measurable $9 increase in seafood purchases, achieving an overall 800% return on investment. Seafood Nutrition Partnership

How Eating Fish Can Boost Your Immune System and Keep Viruses Away

Heading back into the cold and flu season is extra anxious this year. Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to “boost” or support their immune systems, according to Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

Discover the Science Behind the Power of Seafood: Seafood Nutrition Partnership Announces Fifth Annual State of the Science Symposium on September 23

September 10, 2021 Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Seafood is an important force in the fight for healthier Americans and a healthier planet. You now have a unique opportunity to discover the latest science behind the public health and climate benefits of eating more seafood. At the annual State of the Science Symposium, you will also learn about the Seafood Nutrition Partnership’s (SNP) efforts to advance the formation of a National Seafood Council and SNP’s pilot public education and marketing campaign “Eat Seafood America!” 

Seafood4Health Action Coalition Shares Eat Seafood America! Toolkit

The Eat Seafood America! consumer-facing campaign is a collaborative effort of the members of the Seafood4Health Action Coalition, which includes non-profits, government, retailers, industry sponsors, and foundations.