United Fresh Introduces Webinar Series Focused on Produce Import & Export Regulations

United Fresh Produce Association has developed a six-part webinar series designed to inform companies of the regulatory issues affecting international trade of produce products imported into and exported from the United States.

As U.S. Meat Workers Fall Sick and Supplies Dwindle, Exports to China Soar

May 11, 2020 Tom Polansek, Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump ordered meat processing plants to stay open to protect the nation’s food supply even as workers got sick and died. Yet the plants have increasingly been exporting to China while U.S. consumers face shortages, a Reuters analysis of government data showed.

America’s Seafood Exports to Lobster-Loving China Plummet, Snared in Tariff Trap

U.S. lobster exports to China have fallen off a cliff this year as new retaliatory tariffs shift the seafood business farther north.

Canadian Pork Exports to Mexico Soar as Trade Wars Bite US Farmers

February 26, 2019 Naomi Powell, Financial Post

Canada’s pork exports to Mexico soared last year as retaliatory tariffs against the United States drove buyers away from American farmers and toward alternate suppliers.