Foster Farms Reminds Families to Follow CDC Guidelines for a Safe Thanksgiving; Launches Turkey Hotline and Website for Holiday Cooking Advice

November 23, 2020 Foster Farms

The family-owned company is providing both an online resource and a Thanksgiving phone hotline to support home chefs this holiday – many of whom may be preparing their very first turkey.

Foster Farms Steps Up Covid-19 Hunger Relief Efforts With Donation of 96,000 Pounds of Thanksgiving Turkey to Feed More Than 120,000

November 6, 2020 Foster Farms

This week, family-owned Foster Farms is stepping up its COVID-19 hunger relief efforts, increasing its number of donated Thanksgiving turkeys by close to 60 percent over last year to help meet the staggering need for food assistance. The 96,000 pounds of donated turkey will help feed more than 120,000 individuals struggling with food insecurity.

Statement Regarding Reopening of the Foster Farms Livingston Poultry Plant

September 11, 2020 Foster Farms

Foster Farms, in compliance and with the approval of the Merced Department of Public Health (MCDPH), has reopened the Livingston poultry plant.

Foster Farms Statement Regarding Livingston Poultry Plant Closure

August 31, 2020 Foster Farms

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present an unprecedented challenge to our nation, and its workforce. This has been felt strongly in the meat and poultry industry, and geographically in California’s Central Valley, the heart of agriculture for the Western United States. In recent months, Foster Farms’ Livingston Poultry Complex located in Merced County experienced 392 positive cases, and 8 employee deaths related to complications associated with COVID-19.

Foster Farms Donates Additional 420,000 Servings of Chicken to California and Washington Food Banks as Need Skyrockets Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

August 13, 2020 Foster Farms

Foster Farms is delivering an additional 420,000 servings of poultry to California and Washington state food banks to assist families impacted economically by COVID-19. In April, at the onset of the pandemic, the family-owned company donated 2.4 million servings of poultry to West Coast, Alabama and Louisiana hunger relief organizations, targeting communities where it operates plants.