Norcod Unveils New Visual Identity

April 15, 2021 Norcod AS

Innovative Norwegian cod-farming venture has completed an inspiring rebranding that better reflects the premium quality of its farmed Atlantic Cod – a product it anticipates in time will come be known around the world simply as ‘Norcod’.

Ocean Choice Expands its European Operations With a Focus on Growth

Ocean Choice is expanding its European operations with the establishment of a newly formed company and the addition of new personnel. Ocean Choice is happy to announce that Helgi Anton Eiríksson is joining the company’s European operations.

How Throwing the Big Ones Back Could Keep Halibut Fishery on a Roll

January 8, 2021 Paul Withers, CBC News

You’ve heard of throwing back the little fish — what about throwing back the big ones?

Alaskan Groundfish Fisheries Open 2020 Seafood Season

Alaska’s seafood industry was “open for business” starting Jan. 1 when some of the biggest fisheries got underway long before the start of the first salmon runs in mid-May.

An Environmental Success Story for Fishing on America’s West Coast

January 3, 2020 Voice of America

The numbers of groundfish have greatly increased in recent years. The term groundfish describes a number of fish species that live near the bottom of the Pacific.