Blue Harvest to Shut Down, Ending Reign Over New England Groundfish 

The Seafood giant still owns fishing permits and vessels, but seafood industry sources say, after the shut down, a quick sale or bankruptcy filing is likely.

Atlantic Groundfish Council Announces New Director of Fisheries Management and Science

Vanessa Byrne has been named Director of Fisheries Management and Science for the Atlantic Groundfish Council (AGC).

Analysis of 10 Fish Species Shows Extremely High Nutritional Levels

July 13, 2023 Positively Groundfish

A recent analysis of 10 species of fish, commissioned by the non-profit group Positively Groundfish and performed by Exact Scientific Services Lab, revealed these fish have extremely high nutrient levels. These species have never before been tested for nutritional value. The findings identify more fish options for health-conscious Americans following the USDA and American Heart Association recommendation of eating at least two servings of seafood a week.

Copper River Seafoods Exits Cook Inlet, New Processor Steps In

Copper River Seafoods announced March 28 that it will withdraw from its operations in Kenai and Kasilof this year. In a letter issued to the industry, CEO Scott Blake said the withdrawal was due to a combination of changes to the Cook Inlet management plan, rising production costs and a poor sockeye salmon forecast.

American Aquafarms Hires New CEO

American Aquafarms has named New Bedford, Mass.-based Blue Harvest Fisheries’ most recent CEO, Keith Decker, as its new top executive.