Introducing True Fin: Premium Gulf of Maine Seafood

True Fin, formerly known as Gulf of Maine Sashimi, Inc., is pleased to unveil a new brand identity. Committed to providing professional and home chefs the best seafood from the Gulf of Maine, True Fin is leading the way in boat-to-plate excellence.

Stop & Shop Increases Transparency Around Seafood Sourcing

February 19, 2021 Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop announced that it has partnered with the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) to voluntarily report its seafood sources. This partnership adds another layer of transparency to the supermarket’s already comprehensive seafood policy.

Giant Food Announces Increased Transparency Efforts Around Sustainable Seafood Practices

October 7, 2020 Giant Food

Giant Food, the leading greater Washington D.C. regional grocery chain, today announced that it has joined the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP), a global platform where retailers voluntarily share insight into their sourcing methods to ensure sustainable seafood practices.