Captivating Cool Weather Combinations from Monrovia

November 9, 2021 Monrovia

If cooler temperatures have your containers calling for an upgrade, we have a few fun and festive ideas. This season, skip the typical holiday décor and add a few unexpected plants to create containers that shine all winter long. You can learn more, including a new way to look at creating containers, by watching the new Monrovia Seasonal Surprises container videos with new plants manager Georgia Clay.

Terra Nova Varieties Adorn China’s Mt. Jinfo Natural Park

November 3, 2021 Terra Nova Nurseries

Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding, today announced its involvement in a project by Chongqing Tianmu, which holds the exclusivity license of Terra Nova’s begonias in China, to reinstate areas of the natural landscape at Mt. Jinfo in Southwest China. Terra Nova began collaborating with Chongqing Tianmu in 2020 in an effort to build a public park and replenish the mountain with thriving plants. Terra Nova’s cold-tolerant begonias were selected and planted throughout the park because of their nativity to the region and vigor in the winter and summer seasons.

Terra Nova Nurseries’ Varieties Featured in Large Beijing Plant Displays

Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding, today announced its inclusion and participation in eight public plant displays throughout the Chinese capital of Beijing. Thirty Terra Nova varieties were planted in thematic displays on Beijing’s Chang-an Road to commemorate a national holiday. The displays were first unveiled and opened to the public June 28, 2021, and they remained open until the end of August 2021.

Terra Nova Nurseries Shares Its Pantone Plant Pairings for 2021

January 19, 2021 Terra Nova Nurseries

Terra Nova Nurseries has officially released its list of plants for gardeners and growers that coordinate with PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. This year’s exciting reveal is the first time since 2016 Pantone has released two Colors of the Year, and Terra Nova’s vast catalog of colorful plants offers consumers with a plethora of options for synchronizing their gardens with the new pair of trend colors recently recognized by Pantone.

Global Plant Breeder’s Heuchera Proves Pivotal During Netflix Debut

August 13, 2020 Terra Nova Nurseries

Several heuchera varieties bred by Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding, made their Netflix debut on the streaming service’s original series, “The Big Flower Fight.” Contestants of the new Netflix-produced show used Heuchera ‘Fire Alarm’, Heuchera ‘Marmalade’, Heuchera ‘Obsidian’, and Heuchera ‘Paprika’ for various creative garden displays.