IMG Citrus Announces Launch of Yellos: A New Florida Grapefruit Brand and Product

November 10, 2021 IMG Citrus

IMG Citrus, known as the leading grower and marketer of Florida grapefruit, controls over 70% of Florida’s fresh grapefruit production. Today, IMG Citrus announced the launch of a new Florida grapefruit brand and specialty product, YELLOS. Golden like the sun and known for adorning the very first citrus groves in the state of Florida, YELLOS is positioned as Florida’s best-kept secret that boasts consistently sweet taste and a unique experience for the consumer. With limited availability during the winter months of November through April, YELLOS is an opportunity to invigorate the citrus aisle across the U.S. market in a convenient grab-and-go 2-pack. 

IMG Citrus Adds 2,500-Acre Grove To Portfolio

April 6, 2021 IMG Enterprises

The 2,500-acre grove increases their control of citrus land management in Florida by 27%, bringing their total acreage in Florida to 11,387 acres and further securing their position as an established citrus leader in the state of Florida.

Leading Florida Agri-Business Announces New Co-CEO Restructure

February 18, 2021 IMG Enterprises

Cherrylake and IMG Citrus, who are both subsidiaries of IMG Enterprises, a 90-million-dollar Florida agri-business with diversified operations in citrus, ornamental landscape, ecosystem restoration, and real estate, today announced it has appointed Melanie Ressler, Timothee Sallin, and Chloe Gentry as co-CEOs of the company.

IMG Citrus Reintroduces The Original, Heirloom Florida Grapefruit To The U.S. Market

November 7, 2019 IMG Citrus

IMG Citrus is reintroducing white grapefruit to the U.S. market. Most white grapefruit is exported directly from the U.S. to its primary market in Japan where it maintains consistently high popularity; however, IMG Citrus will be expanding its white grapefruit consumer base to the U.S. market, reintroducing the original, heirloom Florida grapefruit to its homeland.