IMG Citrus Announces Launch of Yellos: A New Florida Grapefruit Brand and Product

VERO BEACH, FL  – IMG Citrus, known as the leading grower and marketer of Florida grapefruit, controls over 70% of Florida’s fresh white grapefruit production. Today, IMG Citrus announced the launch of a new Florida grapefruit brand and specialty product, YELLOS. Golden like the sun and known for adorning the very first citrus groves in the state of Florida, YELLOS is positioned as Florida’s best-kept secret that boasts consistently sweet taste and a unique experience for the consumer. With limited availability during the winter months of November through April, YELLOS is an opportunity to invigorate the citrus aisle across the U.S. market in a convenient grab-and-go 2-pack. 

Although considered a new product on the U.S. market, the YELLOS grapefruit variety is in fact Florida’s original, heirloom grapefruit and the white-fleshed counterpart of the well-known Florida Ruby Red grapefruit. YELLOS are harvested from mature groves over 25 years of age, primarily located in Florida’s Indian River region. The profile of these groves allows YELLOS to boast a consistent and uniquely sweet taste. Moreover, to ensure premium taste, YELLOS is marketed as a limited harvest product with availability only from November through April, during the peak season of Florida citrus. 

Unlike red grapefruit, white grapefruit exhibits a unique, golden-yellow hue on both the outside and inside of the fruit, which helped inspire IMG Citrus’ new brand name YELLOS. Through both color and taste, YELLOS evokes Florida’s sunshine, bringing consumers on a tropical getaway filled with warm breezes and sandy shores during the chilly winter season. With consumer trends supporting the desire for heirloom and unique varieties with high taste profiles, YELLOS is positioned as an attractive choice for this winter season.

IMG Citrus is a family-owned, vertically integrated citrus grower, packer, and shipper in Vero Beach, Florida. Florida’s white grapefruit has traditionally been sold to export markets, notably to Japan, where the white-fleshed grapefruit is favored over the red-fleshed and collects a premium price.

“To us, it makes sense to shift our marketing towards the U.S. market, where the Florida grapefruit brand-name is strong, and where consumers are looking for unique experiences while also connecting with local farming and heritage,” says Sydney Allison, Director of Sales at IMG Citrus. 

IMG Citrus also sees an opportunity to reduce food miles, a sustainability goal they have in common with their U.S. retailer clients. In 2019, a grove acquisition made by IMG Citrus substantially increased their share of white grapefruit, consolidating their position as the leading fresh Florida grower. This control of the supply gives IMG Citrus a unique opportunity to re-introduce white grapefruit to the U.S. market with the confidence to consistently feed U.S. retailer programs.

Available this winter season in a convenient grab-and-go 2-pack with bright imagery depicted in an array of yellows, blues, and greens, YELLOS’ fun and cheerful packaging encourages consumers to take home a bag. The front of the YELLOS header bag transports the consumer to IMG Citrus’ Florida family groves, where citrus is handpicked and farmed with the utmost respect for the heritage of the land through responsible agricultural practices. The back of the YELLOS header bag illustrates an escape to a tropical Florida paradise with people parasailing by grapefruit, while others relax on a sandy shore with a refreshing YELLOS grapefruit in hand. The packaging also promotes YELLOS’ “sweet and juicy” flavor profile along with its high vitamin C content and low-calorie count. A peek inside the YELLOS header also shares nutritional content, various ways to eat YELLOS, and a recipe for a Sparkling Golden Grapefruit Cocktail, perfect for transporting consumers to fun under the Florida sun. YELLOS 2-pack bags will also be featured in colorful POP displays located on retail store floors.

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About IMG Citrus:

IMG Citrus is a second-generation citrus grower, packer, marketer, and shipper in Vero Beach, Florida, with over 11,000-acres of productive AGland. Family-owned and operated for over 40 years, IMG Citrus was founded by Michel and Veronique Sallin. Today, a second-generation of family-operators is involved and working alongside the most professional industry leaders that make up the IMG Citrus team. Together, Melanie Ressler, Timothee Sallin, and Chloe Gentry are Co-CEOs of the company, furthering the legacy of their parents’ genuine love for sustainable agriculture and an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels a passion for using the most innovative processes and technologies.

About IMG Enterprises:

IMG Enterprises, the holding company for IMG Citrus and Cherrylake, is a Florida-owned and operated family enterprise with business in citrus, ornamental tree nursery, real estate, mitigation banking, and landscape construction and maintenance. The mission of IMG Enterprises is to manage a sustainable enterprise rooted in the land which benefits its family, employees, and community while having a positive impact on the environment. With over 500 employees, the company ranks 22nd on the list of Top Privately Held Companies in the Central Florida area by the Orlando Business Journal.