New Garden Trend: Herbaceous Perennials

October 12, 2021 iVerde

Herbaceous perennials blend effortlessly with other plants. They provide a light touch, color and a natural look.

Marguerites: Summery Pearls

May 27, 2021 iVerde

Marguerites look like little suns thanks to their radiant white and light-yellow flowers with a fresh yellow heart. And they flower abundantly to boot. It doesn’t get more summery than this! Plant these cheerful perennials in a border or display them in pots on your balcony or terrace. They make everyone happy.

Peonies: Flamboyant Perennials

March 26, 2019 iVerde

Peonies are quite a unique perennial and are one of the oldest ornamental plants in cultivation. Their spherical buds open to reveal truly sensational flowers. May and June are the months when they steal the show in any garden fortunate enough to include them.