Marguerites: Summery Pearls

Marguerites look like little suns thanks to their radiant white and light-yellow flowers with a fresh yellow heart. And they flower abundantly to boot. It doesn’t get more summery than this! Plant these cheerful perennials in a border or display them in pots on your balcony or terrace. They make everyone happy.

Easy garden plants

The name marguerite comes from the Ancient Greek word margarites. It originates from the Babylonian language and literally means ‘pearl’. It is an easy plant with a friendly and summery appearance. The official name of this pearl is Leucanthemum, but you may sometimes come across the plants under the old name Chrysanthemum. Marguerites like a sunny spot (but a little shade is also no problem). Because they are perennials, you will enjoy a cheerful sea of flowers year after year.

Flowers, flowers everywhere

The white-yellow flowers look great in a white border – where the yellow hearts will stand out even more. But you can do more with marguerites. Thanks to their natural look, marguerites can be put anywhere, regardless of color or shape. How easy is that? They also thrive in pots, containers and baskets – brilliant for brightening up your patio or balcony. Tip: while you’re at it, why not fill an extra pot, tray or basket to give away as a super cheerful gift.

Picking marguerites

Marguerites bloom abundantly. So, don’t be afraid to pick the flowers. Do you enjoy picking large field bouquets from your own garden? Why not create a picking border with daisies and other perennials, such as knotweed (Persicaria), Phlox, and ornamental grasses. If you cut the plant back after flowering, it will flower again with a little bit of luck. That’s handy, because this summery perennial is also popular with butterflies, bees, and other useful insects. 

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