Want to Help The World While Helping The Industry? Reduce Online Out-of-Stocks

The produce shelves of today’s retail stores are filled with innovative produce items, which offer flavor and convenience, new eating experiences and more. From new varieties of apples and grapes to innovative fresh-cuts and packaged items, one would think that this explosion of innovative activity would have led to substantial increases in produce consumption. Yet, the Produce for Better Health Foundation has studied the matter and tells us that this is not true.

A Landmark Decision: Grower Property Rights Issue Hits The Supreme Court… A Victory Almost A Half-Century In The Making

It is not all that often that a produce company winds up with a case before the Supreme Court. So when Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid rose up — a case involving Cedar Point, a strawberry nursery, and Fowler Packing Co, a shipper of grapes and mandarins — Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit blog reached out to Jeremy Rabkin, a professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University and asked if he would explain the nature of the issues that brought the produce industry to the Supreme Court.

New York Produce Show Discussions: Up-and-Comer Ted Taylor of Taylor Farms Sees Optimism in Produce After Pandemic

A highlight of the recently completed virtual edition of The New York Produce Show and Conference was an all-star collection of industry insight. Here we share a conversation with Ted Taylor, Head of New Ventures & Business Development at Taylor Farms. We appreciate the willingness of Taylor Farms to help advance the industry by sharing Ted’s experience and insight.

Cultural Sensitivity Shaming Strikes Trader Joe’s

A high-school senior has claimed that Trader Joe’s was an exemplar of cultural exploitation because it markets many ethnic products under trade names such as Trader José for Mexican foods or Trader Ming’s for Chinese food.

On the Frontlines of Protest, Generation Z Has Perspectives Worth Understanding: A Letter From One Willing to Take Risks

Among the blessings in the Pundit’s life is that a career in the global produce industry has provided us with friends around the world. Few among them are valued more than Nic Jooste from the Netherlands. Nic sent us a column and decided to quote one of his sons. We thought it desirable to run it.