The Global Trade Symposium And The Americas: Statistics, Consumer Trends And The Challenges Ahead

With the Global Trade Symposium at the New York Produce Show and Conference doing a deep dive this year into the Americas, Chile and the broader Latin American sector will be a prime topic of discussion.

Branding, Local and The Future of Produce: University of Georgia’s Ben Campbell Speaks Out

A favorite research presenter at the New York Produce Show, Professor Ben Campbell will be sharing new research findings on the value of brands in produce, as well as the importance of local in the buying decision.

Up On The Roof: An Urban Farm Right Above The New York Produce Show And Conference

The world is a funny place. Who would have thought that in doing a trade show and conference in Manhattan, probably the most urbanized place in America, that we would be closer to  pear trees and carrots growing than any produce event in the United States, maybe the world! How did this come about? Well because the Javits Center, where we hold the New York Produce Show and Conference just did an expansion and included a rooftop farm, greenhouse and orchard!

Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum: Chef Nick Gonring and Gordon Food Service Unveil Crucial Post-Pandemic Research

At this moment in time, as the foodservice industry looks to move forward following pandemic lows, it is imperative to find ways to use the increased health consciousness of Americans, instilled during the pandemic, to increase the menu focus on fresh produce and to, overall, boost the use of fresh produce in the foodservice channel.

Your Better Half: Making Connections And Enjoying The City: The Spouse & Companion Program at Work

The New York Produce Show and Conference is all business – but business is about building relationships and that is often best done with your significant other. So, since its founding we have run a terrific Spouse/Companion Program focused on making the New York experience a joy for everyone’s “significant other.”