Cultured Meat Could Suffer The Same Fate as GMOs, New Research Suggests

July 11, 2019 Jenny Splitter, Forbes

New research offers a warning to companies looking to sell cultured meat. This new type of protein — meat engineered from cell tissue in a lab rather than using traditional animal agriculture — could end up suffering the same fate as GMOs if producers and proponents aren’t able to shift the public narrative.

The Problem With Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-grown meat could end up replicating some of the existing problems with our industrial food system.

Made-in-Canada Lab-Grown Meat on Toronto Scientists’ Menu After Grant From US

February 27, 2019 The Canadian Press

A group of Toronto scientists will soon attempt to develop a less-expensive way to grow lab-made meat after securing a grant from an American non-profit aiming to boost advances in cultured protein.