Cell-Based Seafood is Catching On

February 18, 2022 Chemical & Engineering News

Lab-grown fish, crustacean, and mollusk products aren’t in stores or restaurants yet, but several companies say they are getting closer to commercial sales.

Call it ‘Cell-Based’: New Study Looks at Selling Seafood Grown From Cells

July 20, 2020 Jenny Splitter, Forbes

The debate over what to call protein grown from cells has long been unsettled, practically since the first public tasting of a cultivated beef burger back in 2013. Back then, news coverage described the burger as “lab-grown,” but a new study set to be published in the Journal of Food Science has a replacement to recommend: “cell-based.”

Cultured Meat Could Suffer The Same Fate as GMOs, New Research Suggests

July 11, 2019 Jenny Splitter, Forbes

New research offers a warning to companies looking to sell cultured meat. This new type of protein — meat engineered from cell tissue in a lab rather than using traditional animal agriculture — could end up suffering the same fate as GMOs if producers and proponents aren’t able to shift the public narrative.

The Problem With Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-grown meat could end up replicating some of the existing problems with our industrial food system.

Made-in-Canada Lab-Grown Meat on Toronto Scientists’ Menu After Grant From US

February 27, 2019 The Canadian Press

A group of Toronto scientists will soon attempt to develop a less-expensive way to grow lab-made meat after securing a grant from an American non-profit aiming to boost advances in cultured protein.