Label Insight Announces Support for Fresh Grocery Products

May 1, 2020 Label Insight

Label Insight, the product transparency market leader, today announced it has added support for fresh produce to its product attribute platform and can deliver nutrient and serving size information for any product with a standard Price Look-Up or PLU code.

Topco Expands Engagement with Label Insight to Empower Members’ Transparency Initiatives

April 24, 2019 Label Insight,

Label Insight, the market leader for product transparency, today announced that it has signed an expanded deal with Topco Associates LLC to provide their 49 member-owners with customized attributes they can use to power e-commerce, improved searches and in-store initiatives. Thirty Topco member-owners have joined Topco’s Product Transparency Initiative in the first year of the partnership with Label Insight.

New Survey from Label Insight Reveals Which Loosely-Regulated Marketing Claims Motivate Shoppers to Buy

March 20, 2019 Label Insight

A new survey found that while “natural” is a non-regulated claim on food packaging, the word would be most likely to motivate over half (53 percent) of Americans to purchase a product this year. The survey of 1,000 U.S. adults by Wakefield Research for Label Insight, the market leader for transparency, uncovered which loosely regulated claims would most likely influence consumer purchase behavior.