Topco Expands Engagement with Label Insight to Empower Members’ Transparency Initiatives

CHICAGO – Label Insight, the market leader for product transparency, today announced that it has signed an expanded deal with Topco Associates LLC to provide their 49 member-owners with customized attributes they can use to power e-commerce, improved searches and in-store initiatives. Thirty Topco member-owners have joined Topco’s Product Transparency Initiative in the first year of the partnership with Label Insight.

“As the largest retail cooperative in the U.S., Topco is leading the way in providing their member-owners the tools to deliver on transparency with their customers,” said Ronak Sheth, Chief Executive Officer for Label Insight. “Now, we are thrilled to take our partnership to the next level by helping Topco support its members with customized attributes that meet consumer demands for more personalized information.”

With the custom views solution, Topco members and their store shoppers will be able to search and filter using standard and custom product attributes across 425,000 national brand and own brand products. Topco members can meet the increasing consumer demand for transparency by creating custom attributes based on their own shoppers’ priorities and interests. For example, if a retailer wishes to promote humanely sourced products across a store or region, they can use the platform to create a custom attribute for humane by identifying products that carry desired animal welfare and wildlife conscious designations. They can also use the tool to highlight products with more familiar attributes such as non-GMO or gluten-free.

“The attribute customization offering is truly ground-breaking in that it enables Topco members to more effectively guide shoppers to the products they want in the store and online,” said ‎Randy Skoda, President and CEO of ‎Topco. “Not only does the platform offer thousands of standard attributes, the data within it can be leveraged to customize attributes so Topco members can differentiate in their markets and provide information that is important to their shoppers.”

In addition, Label Insight powers Topco brand products’ SmartLabel pages, with high-quality product images alongside the industry’s largest and most complete product attribute data set to better inform Topco stakeholders about the nutrient and ingredient composition of all Topco-procured own brand and national brand products. The SmartLabel pages cover all product categories such as food, beverage, baby, pet and cosmetics. 

About Topco Associates, LLC
Topco Associates, LLC is a $14 billion, privately held, member-owned company that provides aggregation, innovation and knowledge management solutions for its leading food industry member-owners and customers, including grocery retailers, wholesalers food service and pharmacy companies. Topco leverages the collective volume, knowledge and commitment of these companies to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing costs and offering winning business-building capabilities.

About Label Insight
Label Insight is the industry leader in powering product attribute-driven growth across the consumer-packaged goods ecosystem. Its best-in-class data empowers companies to unlock new opportunities across their business, while delivering purchase-driving transparency. By combining package data on more than 80 percent of top-selling food, pet, and personal care items with patented data science and machine learning, Label Insight created more than 22,000 high-order attributes per product. This delivers consumer-demanded transparency, and powers digital innovation through analytics, marketing, merchandising, and e-commerce for retail, brand manufacturer, government, and technology companies. For more information, visit