Lightlife Foods Collaborates With Disney and Pixar for Promotion of New ‘Lightyear’ Film

June 20, 2022 Lightlife Foods

Greenleaf Foods, SPC, owner of plant-based food company Lightlife®, announced today a blockbuster collaboration with Disney and Pixar. As part of the promotion of the upcoming film, Lightyear, Lightlife and Disney and Pixar are teaming up to celebrate the magic of legendary character Buzz Lightyear off the screen and in the kitchen.

Lightlife ‘Cracks the Code’ on Plant-Based Chicken, Introduces Two New Fresh Chicken Products

May 18, 2021 Greenleaf Foods

Lightlife®, owned by Greenleaf Foods, SPC, announced today two first-of-its-kind plant-based products: Plant-Based Chicken Tenders and Plant-Based Chicken Fillets. These items are the first fresh, breaded plant-based chicken products that are available in the market.

Lightlife Makes a ‘Clean Break’ from Plant-Based Competition, Commits to Delivering Simple, Delicious Food Developed in a Kitchen, Not a Lab

August 26, 2020 Lightlife Foods

Growing demand and research showing rising concern among consumers about the ingredients in their food have inspired Lightlife to ensure people know exactly what they’re eating.

Lightlife Introduces a Plant-Based Burger

January 25, 2019 Lightlife Foods

Lightlife Foods is introducing a new plant-based burger that delivers the sensory experience consumers crave from a beef burger. Created with culinary expertise, familiar ingredients, and balanced nutrition, the Lightlife® Burger is the hero of a new pea protein-based product line free of GMOs, gluten, soy and artificial flavors.