Lightlife Makes a ‘Clean Break’ from Plant-Based Competition, Commits to Delivering Simple, Delicious Food Developed in a Kitchen, Not a Lab

CHICAGO–Lightlife® (“Lightlife”), owned by Greenleaf Foods, SPC, is making a clean break from its competition. The plant-based meat category is surging, with sales up 91% in the past year.1 Growing demand and research showing rising concern among consumers about the ingredients in their food have inspired Lightlife to ensure people know exactly what they’re eating.2

Earlier this year, Lightlife announced changes to its product portfolio, including reformulating its Plant-Based Burger, Ground, Sausage, Breakfast Links and Patties with fewer, simpler ingredients. Lightlife’s new “Clean Break” campaign is championing clean ingredients, simple processes and carbon neutrality while exposing competitors that are attempting to mimic meat at any cost.

“At Lightlife, we understand the factors that are driving the recent rise in plant-based protein sales,” said Dan Curtin, President of Lightlife Foods. “Because we care so much about leading the future of this important category and what it means to feeding people all over the world, we want consumers to understand the food they are putting into their bodies and how it’s made.”

Central to Lightlife’s message is the fact that not all plant-based burgers are the same. Some are made with hyper-processed ingredients, GMOs, additives and fillers, and fake blood. Lightlife—a real food brand—is developed in a kitchen, not a lab. With only 11 ingredients, Lightlife Plant-Based Burgers offer consumers a clean alternative. Leading plant-based protein competitors have between 18 and 20 ingredients, including some unrecognizable additives like synthetically produced “soy leghemoglobin.”

“We believe the future of protein is cleaner, tastier, and nutritionally superior,” explains Curtin. “The Lightlife Burger is vegan certified, non-GMO certified, soy free, gluten free and kosher. We have sold more than 100 million servings of Lightlife products over the last 12 months, which tells me we are moving our brand in the right direction.”

The process used to make Lightlife’s Plant-Based Burger is as clean as its product, with everything done all in one place, no lab required. Lightlife produces its products in-house from start to finish, which means that every Lightlife Burger is made with the same simple ingredients and delivers great taste, every time. Lightlife is also proud to be one of the first carbon neutral food companies in the world.

Lightlife is on a journey to nourish a global population in a better, more sustainable and more affordable way, which includes renovating Lightlife’s complete product line by the end of this year. To accomplish its ultimate goals, the company has made a clean break away from other brands in the category and will continue to innovate its ingredients and process to help elevate the plant-based category.

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About Greenleaf Foods, SPC

Greenleaf Foods, SPC, is transforming plant-based protein with a wide array of delicious and innovative products that satisfy consumers interested in adding protein variety to their diets. Our leading brands include Lightlife® (“Lightlife”) and Field Roast Grain Meat Co.™ (“Field Roast”). Together, these brands are delighting loyal, longtime fans and enticing new ones who never knew plant-based protein could taste so good. The Lightlife and Field Roast portfolios feature nearly 50 products and represent a leading market position in the refrigerated, plant-based protein category in the U.S. Greenleaf Foods, SPC is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Maple Leaf Foods Inc. (TSX:MFI).

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2 Source: GL DCG Survey. Final data, collected 8/9/19. N = 7,000; BCG analysis.