Lobster Fishermen in Mexico’s Yucatán Organize to Protect Their Catch

Illegal fishing of lobster on Mexico’s Yucatán coast has given rise to a seafaring community defense group, shining a light on the threat faced both by the region’s marine life and those who depend on it.

A Tale of Two Gulfs: Warming Waters Impact the Maine Lobster Industry

July 29, 2022 Norah Hogan, WMTW

As climate change causes Maine waters to warm, lobstermen are forced to adapt to changes in the lobster industry.

Scientists See Long-Term Hope for Maine’s Lobster Fishery Despite Warming Waters

Dire predictions about the effects of global warming on Maine’s lobster population may be exaggerated and underestimate the potential that conservation measures have to preserve the fishery into the future.

Commercial Lobster Fishery Wraps Up in Southwestern Nova Scotia

The six-month season closed on May 31 with boatloads of lobster fishing gear coming ashore in the final days of the season at wharves throughout Lobster Fishing Areas (LFA) 33 and 34.

Lobster Industry Sees Largest Price Drop in Years

May 31, 2022 The Associated Press

Lobster prices are dipping somewhat just before Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of the industry’s critical summer season.