Sustainability Group Pulls Lobster Certification Over Concerns About Harm to Whales

Representatives for Marine Stewardship Council, which is based in London, said Wednesday that the suspension of the Gulf of Maine lobster fishery’s certificate will go into effect on Dec. 15. The organization said in a statement that the danger North Atlantic right whales face from entanglement in fishing gear is a “serious and tragic situation” of “grave concern to all those involved in the fishing industry.”

Maine Lobster Industry, Environmental Group Reach Agreement to Delay New Regulations

October 28, 2022 Ted Homer, WGME

A new agreement could help the Maine lobster industry buy time in its fight to push back on tough new rules designed to protect endangered whales.

Maine’s Lobster Industry is Feeling the Pinch

September 27, 2022 Economist

businesses on what marine life to eat, placed the Atlantic lobster on its “avoid” list. According to Seafood Watch, the lines used in lobster fishing can entangle the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Outraged Maine lobstermen say they have not had an entanglement with a right whale in nearly two decades.

Maine Lobster Week has Returned

Maine Lobster Week is back and there are plenty of menus to check out from Kennebunk to Bar Harbor.

Fishermen Must Be Heard About Whale Rules, Maine Gov Says

Maine’s governor said Tuesday the federal government is moving ahead too quickly with potential new restrictions on the lobster fishing industry, and isn’t taking the industry’s concerns about the changes into account.