Gearing Up for the Lobster Season Opening in Western Nova Scotia

November 20, 2019 Tina Comeau, Chronicle Herald

Another lobster season is set to get underway and along with the lobster traps and gear that fishermen will head out to sea with, they’ll also be bringing along high hopes.

Scientists Predict Maine’s Lobster Boom Will End Within 5 Years

A new study predicts landings will fall 20 percent to 40 percent in the next four to five years in much of eastern Maine, and by over 90 percent in the eastern part of Penobscot Bay, the heart of the recent lobster explosion.

Maine to Get $ 2M for Gulf of Maine Lobster Research

Two million dollars in federal funds will help fund a wide range of Gulf of Maine research projects aimed at advancing the understanding of the American lobster and create a regional lobster extension program.

$ 20M in Fed Funding Will Help Lobster Industry Claw Back Lost Market Share

September 6, 2019 Renee Cordes, MaineBiz

Food Export USA-Northeast said it will use more than $ 20 million in federal funding to help seafood suppliers tap into new markets, with a special focus on the lobster industry.

From Trap To Table: Local Lobstermen Team Up With Quincy Restaurant

As Gianni Frattaroli used a lobster gauge to measure the carapace of the first lobster he ever caught, he realized this one wouldn’t be going back to Victory Point restaurant with him.