Lobster — The ‘Rolls-Royce of Shellfish’ — Has Promising Future For N.L. Exporters

Warmer waters are getting part of the credit for an uptick in lobsters off the coast of Newfoundland, and some companies are betting big on the crustacean’s future.

Lobster Sellers Hope New Deal Thaws China Trade

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed the first phase of a new trade deal with China with much fanfare and very few hard details — especially on how the new agreement impacts the American lobster industry.

Maine Lobster Landings Sank About 16% Last Year, Commissioner Says, but Still Beat Expectations

Maine’s top fisheries official says lobstermen likely landed about 100 million pounds of the state’s signature crustacean in 2019, which is about 16 percent less than the year before but not as bad as had been predicted.

Maine Plan Aims to Reduce Lobstering Impact on Right Whales

January 8, 2020 The Associated Press

Maine’s proposal for protecting endangered right whales from entanglements in lobster gear would maintain the status quo for the number of trap lines in inshore waters where most traps are located while reducing the number of lines farther offshore, officials said Friday.

Nova Scotia Researcher Using Science to Improve Taste of Frozen Lobster

December 30, 2019 Aly Thomson · CBC News

Dr. Shah Razul has developed a technology that he says improves the process of freezing food without jeopardizing taste.