McCarty Family Farms Becomes One of the First Dairy Farms Globally to Receive B Corp Certification

January 29, 2021 McCarty Family Farms

An innovative leader in the dairy farming community, McCarty Family Farms has announced that it is now a Certified B Corporation®. This certification is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

MVP Dairy Opens New State-of-the-Art Farm in Ohio to Help Supply Danone North America’s Largest Yogurt Plant

July 19, 2019 MVP Dairy

The new dairy is home to nearly 4,500 cows that live in six free-stall barns built for optimum cow comfort. The cows are milked in a state-of-the-art carousel milking parlor, which benefits their health and well-being, by providing a predictable and efficient milking routine, allowing the cows more time to eat, drink, sleep and spend time with other cows.