Meati Foods Announces Its Inaugural “Meati Culinary Collective” Led by World-Renowned Celebrity Chefs David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Evan Funke and Charlie McKenna With More to be Announced

February 24, 2023 Meati Foods

These legendary chefs will debut curated recipes, original content and meals using Meati both in-restaurant and at-home via meal kits.

Meati Foods Opens “Mega Ranch” Production Facility to Accelerate Availability, Supported by Oversubscribed Series C Funding

January 26, 2023 Meati Foods

Meati Foods, the producer of delicious animal-free, whole-food protein made from mushroom root, today announced its newly-opened industrial-scale production facility in Thornton, Colorado, in part financed by its oversubscribed Series C round which brings total funding to date to more than $250 million.

Meati Named to TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions

November 14, 2022 Meati

Meati Foods, the creator of Eat Meati™ delicious alternative whole-food proteins made from nutrient-rich mushroom root,

Meati Foods Secures $150M in Series C Funding to Expand Operations and Accelerate Production of Whole-Food, Mushroom-Root Meats

August 2, 2022 Meati Foods

 Meati Foods, the creator of Eat Meati™ juicy, delicious alternative whole-food proteins made from mushroom root, today announced it has raised $150 million in a Series C investment round that will help to expand the production and accessibility of the company’s popular products as they aim to become the U.S. market share leader in plant-based meat by 2025. The company’s products deliver taste and texture superior to current meat alternatives while offering comparable complete protein to meat with more fiber and no cholesterol.