Sweets & Snacks Expo Canceled

“We are extremely disappointed not to be able to offer the experience, inspiration, insights and connections so many in our community have come to rely on in association with the event, but the health and welfare of our community is our top priority. ”

National Confectioners Association President & CEO: it’s Not Enough to Say You’re Hurrying Help to Small Businesses

“It’s time to harness the collective resilience, grit and determination needed to get assistance measures across the finish line for the family-owned companies in our industry and all small businesses across the country. Wholesalers, distributors and other family-owned companies alike need business interruption liquidity so that they don’t have to lay off their employees…If the small businesses within our industry, not to mention the broader food manufacturing sector, end up failing because of the very serious challenges we are facing as a country, a significant number of jobs will crumble behind them, causing major harm to our economy.”

NCA Launches Brand New Research Report at 2020 State of the Industry Conference

The National Confectioners Association today unveiled a new original research report, titled Sweet Insights: State of Treating 2020, at the annual State of the Industry Conference. The report combines shopper insights and sales results to provide a dynamic and comprehensive look at the confectionery industry and the special nature of chocolate, candy, gum and mints.

Walmart’s Melody Phan Rich and Five Below’s Michael Smull Receive Confectionery Leadership Awards

The National Confectioners Association and Candy & Snack TODAY have announced the recipients of the 2020 Confectionery Leadership Awards: Melody Phan Rich, Senior Buying Manager – Seasonal Candy, Walmart; and Michael Smull, Senior Buyer, Five Below.

National Confectioners Association Reveals America’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Chocolate Filling

Chocolate and candy are an iconic part of modern-day Valentine’s Day traditions. In fact, an overwhelming 87 percent of consumers across the country say they’re planning to celebrate the holiday by sharing a gift of chocolate or candy. But while many people enjoy a piece of chocolate from a heart-shaped box during the Valentine’s Day season, not every consumer approaches selection in the same way.