NC Commercial Fishermen Landed Less Seafood Last Year

August 2, 2021 Coastal Review

Commercial fishers sold to seafood dealers nearly 20% less fish and shellfish last year, while recreational landings remained roughly the same.

NC Commercial Fishing Resource Fund Launches New Statewide Public Relations Campaign Called Always NC Fresh

Always NC Fresh, funded by the North Carolina Commercial Fishing Resource Fund (NCCFRF), works to increase awareness of commercial fishing and fishermen, support existing sustainable fishing practices and help commercial fishermen communicate their contributions – economic, cultural and environmental – to the state and its citizens.

Falsely Labeled Seafood Coming to Forefront in North Carolina

A third of the shrimp marked as harvested from North Carolina waters likely was farm raised in a foreign country with fewer laws and oversight, according to a new study by the University of North Carolina.

Petition Seeks to Introduce New Rules to NC Commercial Fishing Industry

August 9, 2019 Katie Augustine, WNCT

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation says the reason for the petition is to reduce the amount of by-catch. By-catch is the anything in the net that’s not your intended species. It’s common for shrimpers to catch juvenile fish in their nets while shrimping.

North Carolina Shrimp Trawlers Pull in Large Hauls

January 15, 2019 Associated Press

Scientists say warmer winters are sending shrimp further north, contributing to surging hauls off the coast of North Carolina.