Low Carbon Footprint Dairy Organic Valley Announces Ambitious New Program to Become First in Category to Reach Carbon Neutrality Without Carbon Offset Reliance

March 16, 2022 Organic Valley

During a panel of climate experts, farmers, and food brands at Natural Products Expo West, low carbon footprint dairy Organic Valley announced the launch of its ambitious program to reach carbon neutrality through a new carbon insetting program. With the help of key partners and consumers, the cooperative of small, organic family farms plans to work towards a carbon-neutral food system through a carbon insetting program that will incentivize and assist Organic Valley farmers with implementing regenerative, climate-smart farming practices.

Organic Valley Launches Single Largest Effort to Date to Save Northeast Family Farms Offering Hope for the Future of 90 Small Organic Family Farms

March 14, 2022 Organic Valley

Organic Valley announced today the single largest effort to save small organic family farms in the Northeast following news last year that Horizon and Maple Hill Creamery would be terminating contracts with more than 130 family farms. Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative since its founding in 1988, is offering 80 small, Northeast organic family farms a market for their dairy through a letter of intent.

Organic Valley Announces 2022 Initiatives to Save Northeast Family Dairy Farms

February 3, 2022 Organic Valley

With regional and multi-national dairy corporations reneging on commitments to family dairy farmers in the Northeast, farmer-owned cooperative Organic Valley is doubling down on its mission to do the exact opposite: save small, organic family farms throughout the US.

Organic Valley Wins PEOPLE Food Award, Parents Snacks Award, and World Dairy Expo Salted Butter Championship Contest

September 7, 2021 Organic Valley   

Fresh, high-quality organic foods always have a place at the table, and Organic Valley products keep stacking up accolades for their innovation and quality.

Organic Valley Partners with Award-Winning Cookbook Author and Blogger Molly Yeh to Ease Parents’ Back-To-School Mealtime Stress

August 17, 2021 Organic Valley   

Organic Valley will be selecting 100 parents from across the U.S. and delivering them a free meal kit featuring a new signature hotdish recipe created by Molly. Molly’s Easy Cheesy Garden Hotdish uses simple, clean ingredients to help create a wholesome and nutritious meal the entire family will love.