Stemilt Breaks Ground on New Automated Pear Packing Line

November 4, 2022 Stemilt

A new pear line facility equipped with automated packing systems, defect sorting, and robotic palletizing will “pear” well with the way Stemilt grows pears.

Del Rey Avocado Utilizing New Packing Technology to achieve Sustainability Benchmarks

July 1, 2022 Del Rey Avocado

Del Rey Avocado, a family owned, market leader in growing, packing, importing and distributing quality avocados has demonstrated leadership and a clear commitment to sustainable growth over the years, recently completed a major overhaul of their Fallbrook packing house facility.

‘Everybody is Getting Sick’

Gov. Greg Abbott sent health-care specialists to the Panhandle to test workers and stem the outbreak. More than three months later, the workers still are struggling with the effects of the pandemic and the persistent fear of contracting the disease.

Coronavirus Spreads Among Fruit and Vegetable Packers, Worrying U.S. Officials

June 12, 2020 Reuters

From apple packing houses in Washington state to farm workers in Florida and a California county known as “the world’s salad bowl,” outbreaks of the novel coronavirus are emerging at U.S. fruit and vegetable farms and packing plants.