Here’s What Makes Parmigiano Reggiano So Much More Special Than Parmesan Cheese

December 27, 2023 Mackenzie Filson, The Kitchn

In short: Parmigiano Reggiano is basically the cheese equivalent of Champagne. According to a particular consortium that specifies the hows and whys of the making of protected products (other notable protected cheeses of the world include Gruyère, Comté, and Stilton), you can only name these products if they were produced in that area, under strict regulations, and inspected by the governing organizations overseeing those protected regions. Anything else is just “sparkling cheese,” so to speak.

Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps Expands to Sprouts Farmers Markets with an Exclusive New Flavor

May 11, 2022 Joyfull Bakery

Joyfull Bakery®, the artisan Parmesan Crisps company, announces today its crisps will be available in all Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationwide. Beginning in May, Sprouts will carry Original and Everything Parmesan Crisps, as well as Joyfull Bakery’s® newest flavor, Jalapeño, exclusive first to market.

Joyfull Bakery Unveils a Fresh Look with 25% Less Plastic and Two New Flavors

February 2, 2022 Joyfull Bakery

Bakery®, the artisan Parmesan Crisps company announces today the launch of its refreshed packaging made with 25% less plastic and two new flavors, Jalapeño and Five Seed, all of which will debut at The 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas from February 6-8.