Dümmen Orange: Management Buyout of Global Orchids Business

May 16, 2024 Dümmen Orange

Sogo is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in orchid breeding and propagation, and remains dedicated to serving growers, wholesalers, and retailers around the world with premium-quality orchids. Dennis Hsiao, CEO of Sogo: “The transition to independent operation marks an exciting new chapter for Sogo, as we strive to innovate and deliver exceptional products and services to our valued customers and partners.”

Long-term Enjoyment with Anthura Split

June 15, 2023 Anthura BV

It always remains a miracle that beautiful and distinctive Phalaenopsis pot plants with new colour combinations are developed every time! With the in crossing of an intense yellow lip, new refreshing combinations emerge.

Floricultura Focuses On Long Vase Life Phalaenopsis Varieties

January 25, 2023 Floricultura

Floricultura is set to showcase a large selection of its long vase life Phalaenopsis varieties at IPM Essen, Germany. A vase life (or shelf life) of 110 days is becoming more standard in the industry, and by offering these varieties, the breeding and propagation specialist is catering for the ever-increasing demand for houseplants with longer shelf life.

US Orchid Imports Have Surged To An All-Time High

February 21, 2022 Amanda Shendruk, Quartz

Orchids were once only known as the highlight of posh plant shows and grand hotel lobbies. Increasingly, however, the stereotypically finicky, humidity-loving flowers have become an affordable grocery-store commodity and a staple of middle-class households in the US.

Floricultura and Van der Voort Young Plants jointly represented at Trade Fair Aalsmeer

October 8, 2021 Floricultura

Floricultura and Van der Voort Young Plants will be jointly represented at the upcoming Aalsmeer Trade Fair. This collaborative effort will further deepen the breeders’ strategic partnership, which was initiated in 2018. The companies will be sharing a booth, where they will be meeting customers and other business relations.