Fyffes North America Delivers 10,000 Pounds of Fresh Fruit to Support Hunger Relief in Philadelphia

April 27, 2020 Fyffes North America

On April 20, Fyffes North America, the largest volume importer of fresh bananas and other fruits into the Port of Philadelphia, made the second round of weekly donations of 10,000 pounds of fresh bananas and pineapples to support the City of Philadelphia’s coordinated hunger relief efforts.

Philabundance’s Abundantly Good Cheese Benefiting Dairy Farmers, Hungry Families

January 2, 2020 Foodtank

While the Pennsylvania dairy industry faces a milk surplus, about 700,000 people in the Greater Philadelphia area face food insecurity. In order to combat both issues, Philabundance, the largest hunger relief organization in the Greater Philadelphia area, partners with local food banks to upcycle 12 tankers of milk to help launch their Abundantly Good cheese brand in 2018.

Local Farmers Upcycle Excess Milk Into Artisan Cheese to Benefit Those in Need

December 26, 2018 Matt O'Donnell, 6ABC

Non-profit Philabundance is taking hunger relief up a notch, turning surplus milk into artisan cheese, each block is handcrafted by family farmers in Lancaster County.