Pacific Trellis Fruit Announces New Specialty Imported Plums

January 25, 2023 Pacific Trellis Fruit 

Pacific Trellis Fruit, a year-round grower, shipper, and marketer of premium fresh fruit, unveils four new imported specialty plum varieties. The company is gearing up for the high-flavor arrivals from Chile and South Africa beginning next month.  The plums will be unveiled in two-pound clamshells under the premium Dulcinea® brand.  The new high-graphic labels will pop on display and will be sure to create some eye-catching attention.

Oppy to Erupt “Volcano Plum” in New Year

December 14, 2022 Oppy

Representing the largest slice of lemon plum crop brought to North America, Oppy is starting off the plum season with this specialty item the first week of February through mid-March. Limited volumes will arrive on the east coast for a select niche market.

USDA Unveils New Disease Resistant Honeysweet Plum

Meet the Honeysweet Plum: A virus-resistant plum that ARS hopes to bring to market soon. They are large and oblong with a very sweet, flavorful taste.

More Effective Product Now Available to Help With Fruit Fly Menace

April 1, 2022 IPS

Scientists in Cheshire have developed a new attractant to help monitor a serious economic pest of soft fruits including grapes, plums, cherries, currants, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Systems Approach Yields Fresh Plum Trade from Chile

March 16, 2022 C&L Fruit Chile

A coordinated effort involving the entire supply chain from Chilean growers, authorities and their U.S counterparts has allowed the Chilean industry to optimize the process of exporting Chilean fresh plums. Chilean plum exporters, over the past two years, have faced phytosanitary restrictions as well as logistics and transportation problems. But exporters are overcoming these issues via a Systems Approach and alternative transportation options.