Puratos Appoints Chief Marketing Officer, Sophie Blum

November 27, 2020 Puratos

Puratos announces the appointment of marketing leader Sophie Blum to the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and member of its Group Executive Committee.

Germany: Consumer Expectations For Bakery in the ‘New Normal’ -Puratos

August 13, 2020 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on consumers, changing how they live, what they eat, and how they purchase. To understand these changes in behaviour and to offer our customers in-depth insights, Puratos is conducting consumer surveys around the world to discover how bakery categories will need to adapt and evolve to meet future consumer needs in the ‘new normal’.

Puratos: How to Play the Long Game

June 10, 2020 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

A crisis like this differentiates the winners from the losers according to Steven van Belleghem. “In this situation, you have to play the long game by adding value to your customers and showing gratitude. It’s all about the willingness to change and keeping your positive entrepreneurial spirit.” Van Belleghem explains the major changes and adaptations that all companies, regardless of the size, should consider to build their brand and reputation.

Puratos Announces Egg Sourcing Commitment

May 28, 2020 Puratos

By 2025, 100% of the eggs and egg products used by Puratos Group will come from alternative breeding to cages, wherever the group is present.

Developing Consumer Behavior During Corona Crisis: Implications on Food Businesses

May 21, 2020 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Concerns about coronavirus trigger consumers to adjust their buying behaviour profoundly. These insights will help the food industry react to the rapidly developing consumer needs and expectations.