Hottest Chocolate Trends for 2023

August 4, 2022 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest ecosystem for consumer understanding in the chocolate, patisserie and bakery sectors. Always-on tracking of local and global consumer behaviors, attitudes and choices provides us with valuable, in-depth insights. In this article, Taste Tomorrow focuses on three trends for chocolatiers that will be essential in 2023. 

Where Do People Buy Their Baked Goods and Chocolate in 2022?

July 13, 2022 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

It’s not just the supermarket and bakery competing for a visit from the bread consumer these days. The number of retail locations is growing, both online and offline. So, where do people go shopping for bread, pastries, and chocolate treats? We asked 17,000 consumers in 40 countries around the world.

Hottest Bakery Trends for 2023

June 30, 2022 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Consumers demand freshness, appreciate craftsmanship and continue to seek comfort from traditional authentic recipes

Puratos Introduces US Headquarters Visitors to Experience Room

June 13, 2022 Puratos

Leading bakery ingredient supplier Puratos USA has announced the opening of a sweet goods experience room at its US headquarters in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Texture Matters: Vital Aspect of Asian Cuisine Becomes a Global Food Trend

May 23, 2022 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

‘Would you be interested in trying foods with different textures?’, we asked thousands of consumers across 44 countries. Globally, 67 percent said they were indeed keen on sampling innovative products with a fluffy or creamy mouthfeel or a chewy or crispy bite. This presents manufacturers with a whole array of potential product developments.