The 2023 Flavor Trends You Might’ve Missed

January 3, 2024 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

As we say farewell to 2023, it’s time to look back on the newest flavor hypes from last year and unwrap the delectable secrets of the coming year. From sour sensations to the sizzling fusion of sweet and spicy, consumer taste buds are in for a ride. Discover the flavor trends that made their debut in 2023 and will continue spreading in 2024, backed by insights from our Taste Tomorrow global consumer research.

Farm-to-Table Bakeries that Take Transparency and Local Sourcing to the Next Level

December 28, 2023 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Consumers aren’t just interested in what goes into their bread. People want to know how those ingredients and the bread itself are made. This call for transparency and sustainability has bakeries working on a shorter food chain. Frontrunner bakeries are using locally grown grains and some even go as far as milling their own flour. Meet: the farm-to-table bakery.

The 3 Hottest Bakery Trends for 2024

November 20, 2023 Puratos

The Taste Tomorrow trend forecast for the bakery industry based on a global consumer survey among 20,000 people in 50 countries, as well as cutting-edge AI-powered online data science.

Puratos to Provide Interactive ‘Fruit Experience’

November 15, 2023 Puratos

Puratos USA has unveiled its “fruit experience,” which allows participants to follow the Michigan cherry from field to fork, bringing more traceability to the sweet baked foods category. Visitors see a cherry harvest, the processing of cherries and fruit-centric desserts inspired by consumer trends.

Newstalgia Combines a Longing for Familiar Foods With a Desire for Novelty

November 10, 2023 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Discover “Newstalgia” in the bakery and patisserie industry: a culinary phenomenon that melds the desire for the cutting-edge with a yearning for the comforting and the classic. Where the old and new fuse and tradition and innovation meet.