Rainier Fruit Major Accomplishment of 2020: EFI Certification

December 30, 2020 Rainier Fruit

An unprecedented year highlighted innovation and integrity at Rainier Fruit Company that lead to groundbreaking and industry-setting standards. “I am extremely proud of the accomplishments we have made in 2020” said Blake Belknap, VP of Sales, “we have continued to push the envelope and evolve as an industry leader.”

Rainier Fruit Achieves Equitable Food Initiative Certification

For the past three years, both companies have worked to align EFI standards with Washington State Labor Laws and are excited to finalize their relationship in tandem with Rainier’s 2020 apple crop.

Rainier Fruit Anticipating Bee Better Certification

May 29, 2020 Rainier Fruit

As summer approaches and the upcoming Washington blueberry season nears first pick, Rainier Fruit Company is proud to announce their 100% organic blueberry operation is on track to earn the title of Bee Better Certified™ in July of 2020.

Rainier Fruit, Along With T&G Global Donates Jazz Apples to Local Schools Amid National Quarantine

April 2, 2020 T&G Global LTD

In light of national, state and local quarantines related to the coronavirus, Rainier Fruit and marketing partner T&G Global have donated more than 12,000 apples and 26,000 plastic bags to the Selah School District to support their “Meals on the Move” program that is preparing and delivering more than 3200 daily meals to local students.

Rainier Fruit Moving Toward Formal EFI Certification Held First Training March 6, 2020

March 25, 2020 Rainier Fruit

As a leader in the apple category, Rainier Fruit has partnered with Equitable Food Initiative to begin training and move toward formally certifying their largest farm of over 2300 acres. This will include a full manifest of EFI certified organic and conventional apples, organic cherries and organic blueberries, and will in turn make Rainier the first EFI certified establishment in Washington State’s fruit industry.