18 Months After Listeria Scare, Consider Bardwell Farm is Back in Business

April 14, 2021 James Finn, VT Digger

More than 18 months after dangerous bacteria forced Consider Bardwell Farm to destroy $200,000 worth of its popular high-end cheese and shutter its operation, the cheesemaker is up and running again.

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A New Creamery in Olde Kensington Pays Homage to Pennsylvania’s Rich Dairy Culture

April 8, 2021 Dayna Evans,

With eight cheeses a year, plus drinkable yogurt, kefir, and whey tonic, the new urban creamery wants to do PA’s rich dairy culture justice.

Why Are Americans Afraid of Eating Raw Milk Cheese?

November 15, 2019 Jaya Saxena, Eater

Though some complained that the process of heating milk to kill off harmful bacteria also killed off the flavor, most accepted it as a necessary sacrifice to make for public health. Raw milk is making a bit of a comeback, but the CDC still warns against it.

Canastra: Traditional Brazilian Raw Milk Cheese in the Crosshairs

June 28, 2019 Atlas Obscura

This traditional Brazilian raw milk cheese is caught in the crosshairs of a battle over government regulation.

Raw Milk is For You, French Cheese Makers Say

April 1, 2019 Reuters

French traditional cheese makers on Wednesday urged governments and lawmakers to protect raw milk cheese products as an increasing number of industrial cheeses made out of pasteurized milk hit markets worldwide.