18 Months After Listeria Scare, Consider Bardwell Farm is Back in Business

WEST PAWLET — More than 18 months after dangerous bacteria forced Consider Bardwell Farm to destroy $200,000 worth of its popular high-end cheese and shutter its operation, the cheesemaker is up and running again.

The farm’s owners hoped to start making cheese again last spring but chose to wait as Covid-19 entered Vermont, battering the state’s dairy industry and the world’s cheese market. Now, Consider Bardwell is making a measured return by producing several of its signature raw cows’ cheeses in small batches. In the past, the farm was known for its goat cheese, too.

“I was so bereft over something that I loved — and that was so well-appreciated nationally — coming to an end,” Angela Miller, one of Consider Bardwell’s co-owners, said of the farm’s closure. “To suddenly have that stop was ultimately not acceptable.” 

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