Bacterial Battle: How Protective Cultures Can Protect Us From Food-Borne Pathogens in Cheese

Cheese is a simple product. It usually only consists of milk, enzymes, salt, and bacteria that give the cheese its form and flavor. But this simplicity, free of preservatives found in other foods, leaves it vulnerable to hosting pathogens.

Natural Way Cheese Recalls All Cheese Products Due to Improper Pasteurization

Out of an abundance of caution, Natural Way Cheese, of Clare, MI, is voluntarily recalling all cheese products produced by the company between June 2, 2021, and August 2, 2021, because the products were not pasteurized according to legal requirements and do not meet labeling requirements or aging times for raw milk cheese, as outlined in Michigan’s Manufacturing Milk Law.

Campylobacter Infections Linked to Raw Milk Consumption in Multiple Washington Counties

Five lab-positive campylobacteriosis cases have been identified in individuals who consumed Dungeness Valley Creamery raw milk. The raw milk was purchased in Clallam, Skagit, Kitsap, and Clark Counties.

Raw Milk Debate Returns to the Montana Legislature

A bill gaining momentum at the Legislature would allow Montanans to sell food from their homes directly to consumers without any government oversight. It would also legalize the direct sale of raw milk.