Fortifi Adds Victor Nieto as EVP of Lean Transformation & Growth

Fortifi Food Processing Solutions (“Fortifi”) has appointed Victor Nieto as Executive Vice President of Lean Transformation & Growth effective May 1, 2024. Fortifi’s unified platform of leading global brands and products transforms food processing and automation solutions.

Study: Heart Disease, Cancer Risk May Not Rise With Red Meat in Diet

There’s a lurking dread in the back of the minds of many people who love steak, burgers and bacon — the fear that what they enjoy eating might not be doing their health any favors.

Misleading Canada Food Prices 2019 Report Makes Assumptions of Red Meat Industry Pricing

December 17, 2018 Canadian Meat Council

“The report is misleading and makes assumptions that meat prices in Canada could go down because of demand and new market entries, when in fact many factors need to be considered,” says Chris White, President of the Canadian Meat Council (CMC). “The global spike in meat prices in 2013-14 drove world wide meat production expansion. Increased supply has allowed prices to begin to decline across the world including in Canada.”