Sustainable Piedmontese Cheesemaking With Caseificio Paje

February 12, 2024 Rogers Collection

Caseificio Paje merges the art of cheesemaking with environmentally conscious sourcing and practices. Situated within their local Piedmont community, they partner with three neighboring farmers to ensure an exceptional selection of raw materials. At the heart of Paje lies an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the art of traditional Piedmontese cheesemaking.

New in Rogers Collection from Quesos de Hualdo: Lambda & Pi

October 24, 2023 Rogers Collection

Lambda (aged 2-3 months) A semi-soft raw sheep’s milk cheese with a soft pinkish-orange washed rind and smooth white paste. And Pi (aged 7 months), The softest of the Hualdo raw sheep’s milk cheeses.

Asturian Tradition and Bold Innovation: Introducing Mamá Marisa

October 19, 2023 Rogers Collection

In Spain, ‘Artesanal’ means raw milk. And that is what Rey Silo has been doing for twenty years: making very distinct raw milk cheeses including their newest cheese, a blue, named “MAMÁ MARISA”. This cheese was crafted to express two qualities they deem essential in cheese: complexity and balance. 

Rogers Collection and Quesos De Hualdo Announce Our Collaboration

June 12, 2023 Rogers Collection

Finca Hualdo is an innovative full-cycle farming project in Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha. They control all aspects of production (raising and milking the sheep as well as cheesemaking) and are committed to the vitality of their farming ecosystem. The delicate aroma of their cheese is reflective of the high-quality diet of their 2,000 Manchega sheep whose welfare is placed above all!

The Historic Merger of Gavasseto E Roncadella

September 15, 2022 Rogers Collection

In 1925, the neighboring towns of Gavasseto and Roncadella each had their own separate dairies with family-run farms from the two villages. The two dairies each had latteria sociale–literally translated to “social dairy” which refers to the farmer-owned cooperative nature of the two dairies. The goal of the latteria was to build factories, scale up production of Parmigiano Reggiano and adopt new technologies– a “we are stronger together” philosophy that has carried over into the joint co-operative to this day.