The Historic Merger of Gavasseto E Roncadella

September 15, 2022 Rogers Collection

In 1925, the neighboring towns of Gavasseto and Roncadella each had their own separate dairies with family-run farms from the two villages. The two dairies each had latteria sociale–literally translated to “social dairy” which refers to the farmer-owned cooperative nature of the two dairies. The goal of the latteria was to build factories, scale up production of Parmigiano Reggiano and adopt new technologies– a “we are stronger together” philosophy that has carried over into the joint co-operative to this day.

Noor Fès Puts Moroccan Olive Oil on The World Stage

July 5, 2022 Rogers Collection

The fruits of a decade-and-a half labor are now available through Rogers Collection: we have added our first Moroccan olive oil to our catalog. For Noor Fès, actualizing the vision of crafting traditional Moroccan olive oil has been a project filled with passion, scientific research… and lots of patience.  

Pasamontes Manchego: Quality For Generations

June 4, 2021 Rogers Collection

“When I was a child, I remember how cheese was made in a large cauldron, in a water bath and how I liked to cut the curd with a metal ruler,” recalls María Dolores Pérez-Guzmán Palomares. She is the fifth generation in her family to preserve Manchego sheep’s milk cheesemaking traditions started by her great grandmother in 1896 in the Castilla La Mancha region of Spain.

Rogers Collection: Piedmont Cheeses From Cascina Fontanacervo

October 15, 2020 Rogers Collection

“We at Rogers Collection, feel exceptionally lucky to be the only U.S. importer of two Cascina Fontanacervo’s cheeses: La Granda and Toma Fontanacervo.”

Meet Lydia Burns, The Cheese Maven

Consulting with the Rogers Collection team as self-titled Cheese Maven for Education & Outreach, a quirky but apt title (maven means ‘connoisseur’ or ‘expert’) that steers away from the stuffy and scholarly to instead embody her adventurous, open-minded approach to life and educating.